Creating Melodic
Chord Progressions:
Chord Noodling

Have you ever wanted to hear a melody along with your chords at the same time?  Have you ever wondered how SOME guitar players create such amazing, memorable guitar riffs?

This has quickly become one of my most popular subjects and is a GAME-changer for one’s creativity on the guitar.

You are about to learn a technique that will not only have you playing melodies while you're playing your favorite chord progression but will show you one of the most important techniques in songwriting.

Every great guitar-playing artist knows and uses this trick when songwriting. This is a technique that musical artists have taken advantage of for years for creating super "hooky" guitar riffs.



The idea is this: 99% of the chords and individual notes that we use for songwriting all match one scale and when you know how to use the chords and melody in tandem, you come up with a combination that is not only super fun to play but very pleasing to the ear.

When you get this very easy concept under your fingers as I will show you in my new course, you will feel like an absolute musical genius.

Jump in here now, my friend, and be wowed by what's always been available to you!

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