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My name is Erich Andreas and I am PASSIONATE about creating amazing guitar players!  Since 2006, guitar students have known me online as YourGuitarSage where they have watched my videos over 115 million times!  I have over 700,000 happily enrolled students in my courses to date and have the largest and most successful single guitar lessons course in the world (based on student count: over 260k students and reviews)... read more


Erich Andreas AKA YourGuitarSage

Music is Like a Boomerang

"...the harder it will come back and hit you."

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UGS Standard

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UGS Standard

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We LOVE our community and are passionate about helping others! So much so, that to date we have given away over $1 million in courses to charity and over $3 million in courses to U.S. Veterans/Active Duty. That does not include the hundreds of thousands of folks who have taken advantage of my free courses. You can find those here!