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Creating Melodic Chord Progressions: Chord Noodling

Watch the Video Below to Learn More:

Have you ever wanted to hear a melody along with your chords at the same time?  Have you ever wondered how SOME guitar players create such amazing, memorable guitar riffs?

This has quickly become one of my most popular subjects and is a GAME-changer for one’s creativity on the guitar.

You are about to learn a technique that will not only have you playing melodies while you're playing your favorite chord progression but will show you one of the most important techniques in songwriting.


Course Includes:

  • 1 hour of on-demand video

  • 3 PDF attachments


Lessons Included:

  • Welcome
  • Keeping Everything in the Key of C or G
  • Chords in the Key of C
  • Chord Noodling in the Key of C
  • Key of C: C chord
  • Key of C: D minor chord
  • Key of C: E minor chord
  • Key of C: F chord
  • Key of C: G chord
  • Key of C: A minor chord
  • Chords in the Key of G
  • Chord Noodling in the Key of G
  • Key of G: G chord
  • Key of G: A minor chord
  • Key of G: B minor chord
  • Key of G: C chord
  • Key of G: D chord
  • Key of G: E minor chord
  • Combining Chords While Noodling
  • Conclusion