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The Unstoppable Guitar System Standard (Guided)

My Gift to You: The 36 Most Important Step-by-step guitar lessons that EVERY guitarist needs!

Lessons Included:

  1. Welcome
  2. 30,000 Foot Overview of Guitar
  3. Proper Posture & How to Hold a Pick
  4. Anatomy of the Acoustic Guitar
  5. Anatomy of the Electric Guitar
  6. Basic Picking Technique - Pick Rest
  7. Choosing an Acoustic Guitar
  8. Choosing an Electric Guitar
  9. Basic Fretting Technique
  10. Definitions That We Will Be Using
  11. Intro to the Physics of Sound
  12. Naming the Notes on the Fretboard
  13. How to Read Tablature
  14. Dexterity Exercise #1
  15. Staccato vs Legato Technique
  16. How to Read Chord Stamps
  17. Tuning With a Tuner
  18. Basic Chord Technique
  19. The 9 Essential Chords
  20. Curled Knuckle Technique
  21. Advice & Encouragement
  22. Changing Chords - Transistions
  23. Basic Rhythm Lesson
  24. Basic Strum Technique & Exercises
  25. Picks and How the Gauge Affects Your Playing
  26. Two Essential Tips to Strengthen Your Stamina
  27. Why Do You Want to Play Guitar?
  28. Practice Schedule - How to Practice
  29. Guitar Care 101
  30. Construction of the Major Scale
  31. Workout for Your Hand Without the Guitar
  32. Talent vs Practice
  33. Using the Thumb for Muting & Playing
  34. How to Learn & Practice a Song Step-by-Step
  35. "Perfect Practice" As Opposed to Just Practice (How to Practice)
  36. Introduction to Fingerpicking
  37. Congratulations