Visual Jam Tracks

A whole new spin on a classic.

With Visual Jam Tracks, you’ll discover how easy and enjoyable it can be to improvise your own awesome-sounding solos.

And with these hundreds of jam tracks

You’ll have endless fun options to choose from when you want to explore your new upgraded improvisation skills!

But it gets even better…

That’s because my visual jam tracks can help you immediately take your new improv skills to the next level and here’s why:

When you join your solos to the chords of the song - you’ll instantly sound and feel more musical when improvising.


And my Visual Jam Tracks make this easy to apply by showing you:


  • The chord that is being played at any given moment
  • The upcoming chord changes (so you can be ready for them)
  • A fretboard diagram showing you the notes you need are on the fretboard (and which ones to play during chord changes). 


And so with this powerful tool, even if you’re a total beginner with zero music theory…

You’ll have all the information you need to improvise, right in front of you.

Click play on the video above for an example.

At a cost of $99 for the bundle, that is only 14¢ per song


Blues Visual Jams (Bundle)

One payment includes Lifetime Access to Blues Visual Jams

(Packs 1 - 4)

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That’s because I’m backing this with a “100% satisfaction” guarantee…

Allowing you to try this risk-free for an entire two months, with the option to get your entire investment back during that time - with NO questions asked.

If at that point you aren’t utterly convinced that this is the best investment you’ve ever made on your guitar journey…

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