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Here's What You Will Learn:

Module 1 - The CORE

30,000 Foot Overview of Guitar

Choosing an Acoustic Guitar

Choosing an Electric Guitar

Anatomy of the Acoustic Guitar

Anatomy of the Electric Guitar

Definitions That We Will Be Using

Proper Posture and How to Hold the Pick

Introduction to the Physics of Sound

Basic Picking Technique - Pick Rest

Basic Fretting Technique

Naming the Notes on the Fretboard

How to Read Tablature

Dexterity Exercise 1

Stacatto Vs Legato Technique

How to Read Chord Stamps

Tuning With a Tuner

Basic Chord Technique

9 Essential Chords

Curled Knuckle Technique - To Help With Chord Playing

Advice and Encouragement

Changing Chords - Transitions

Basic Rhythm Lesson

Basic Strum Technique and Exercises

Picks and How The Gauge Affects Your Playing

If You Are Still Having An Issue With Strumming - Try This!

Why Do You Want to Play Guitar

Practice Schedule - How To Practice

Guitar Care 101

Module 2 - Solid Foundation 

Workout For Your Hand Without a Guitar

Talent vs. Practice

Using the Thumb For Muting and Playing *Bonus Lesson #31*

How To Learn & Practice a Song Step-By-Step - Amazing Grace *Bonus Lesson #32*

"Perfect Practice" As Opposed to Just Practice - HOW to Practice *Bonus Lesson #33*

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