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Nashville Number System - The Ultimate Guitar Hack

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CAGED Freedom: Complete

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Lessons Included:

  1. Course Introduction 
  2. Intro to the CAGED System - Chords
  3. Explanation of the CAGED System
  4. Other Chord Examples
  5. Practical Applications for the CAGED System
  6. Advanced Exercises
  7. How to Apply the CAGED System to Dominant 7th Chords
  8. How to Apply the CAGED System to Minor 7th Chords
  9. How To Apply The CAGED System To Major 7th Chords
  10. How to Apply the CAGED System to Minor Chords
  11. Intro to Further Investigating the CAGED System
  12. CAGED System Primer
  13. 6th String Root Chords
  14. 4th/6th String Root Chord - Bonus D
  15. 6th String Root Playing Examples
  16. 4th String Root Examples
  17. 5th String Root Chords
  18. 5th String Root Playing Examples
  19. Conclusion and Exercises
  20. Intro to CAGED Soloing
  21. Why This Works and Why It's So Powerful
  22. CAGED System for Chords Revisited
  23. Where CAGED (Am-Em) Appear on Our Fretboard Maps
  24. C, Am Pentatonic From (My Take-Away)
  25. D Pentatonic Form
  26. G, Em Pentatonic Form
  27. G, Em Pentatonic Form (My Take-Away)
  28. A Pentatonic Form
  29. E Pentatonic Form
  30. E Pentatonic Form (My Take-Away)
  31. E Pentatonic Form (My Take-Away High Notes)
  32. Double-Stops
  33. Conclusion