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Nashville Number System - The Ultimate Guitar Hack

This course includes:

  1. Introduction to the Nashville Number System
  2. Relativity of Music - Thinking of Music in Numbers Instead of Letters
  3. Finally Uncover Where We Get the Naturally Occurring Diatonic Chords
  4. Discovering the Chords in the Key of G Major - Chordal Scales
  5. Discovering the Chords in the Key of C Major - Chordal Scales
  6. Discover the 1, 4, 5 Zig Zag or Bolt Pattern for Quick Access
  7. Using the Nashville Number System for Studio Tricks and Transposing
  8. What About Chords That Don t Occur Diatonically - Outside Chords
  9. 12 Bar Blues Nashville Number System Chart Walkthrough
  10. 12 Bar Blues Performance
  11. "Big Cheater" Nashville Number System Chart Walkthrough
  12. "Big Cheater" Nashville Number System Performance
  13. "Counting Song" Chart Walkthrough
  14. "Counting Song" Performance
  15. "Hurts" Chart Walkthrough
  16. "Hurts" Chart Performance
  17. Conclusion

Lifetime access to 3 1/2 hours of video content, with 17 downloadable resources, for one payment of $14.99