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Campfire Guitar

Watch the Video Below to Learn More:

 Course Includes:

  • 4.5 Hours of On-Demand Video

  • 19 Downloadable Resources


Lessons Included:

  1. Welcome to Campfire Guitar
  2. Campfire Song Resources
  3. How to Read Chord Stamps
  4. Tuning Your Guitar With a Tuner
  5. How to Tune the Guitar to Itself
  6. Basic Guitar Chord Technique
  7. Curled Knuckle Technique for Better Guitar Chords
  8. Advice and Encouragement When Learning the Guitar
  9. 9 Essential Guitar Chords
  10. Changing Chords - Transitions
  11. Quicken Your Chord Transitions Using the Inventory Trick
  12. Basic Rhythm Guitar Lesson
  13. Basic Guitar Strumming Technique and Exercises
  14. Guitar Picks and How The Gauge Effects Your Playing
  15. Two Essential Tips to Strengthen Your Strumming
  16. Guitar Practice Schedule- How to Practice
  17. "Big Strumming" to Sharpen Your Strumming Skills
  18. Using the Thumb for Muting and Playing Chords
  19. Guitar Care 101
  20. Inversions and "Slash" Chords
  21. Inversions You Will Use a Lot
  22. Understanding Shuffle Rhythms
  23. How to Read Chord Charts
  24. How to Learn & Practice a Song Step-by-Step - Amazing Grace
  25. How and When to Use a Capo
  26. Overview of Various Capos
  27. The Looping and Chunking Techniques
  28. Slow it Down! Break it Down!
  29. Introduction to Fingerpicking
  30. Thank You