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You're having problems with learning guitar..

I Get It! I've Been There Before!

  • Your hands hurt
  • Your fingers hurt 
  • You don't have the time
  • You get stuck on something and get frustrated
  • You can't seem to "get it" as well as others
  • You don't know basic music theory so you can't jam out with your friends
  • You can't "play by ear" and that frustrates you

I could go on and on about what you are having problems with in becoming a guitar master or as I like to call it becoming a guitar ninja.

This is where I step in and help you every step of the way.

That's right!

You get access to my knowledge and teachings that I have accumulated over the last 25+ years.

All in ONE LOCATION!  Over 700 videos!

Now I understand your time is very valuable and I know some people learn how to play guitar at different speeds that's why I have constructed this massive online video course for you!

Now let's cut to the chase here...

I'm trying to build a great community of guitar ninjas.  

I love to help people learn the guitar.  

I love to help people learn the guitar at the most convenient, fastest way possible AND that's exactly what you will get in return if you put in the practice and determination.

  • NOW is the day

  • NOW is the time

  • NOW is the perfect price


 Check out what our current UGS students have to say about the Unstoppable Guitar System 

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for your site!

One month ago I decided to try the guitar, having never picked one up before. In just a few weeks I have developed a passion for the guitar. And have been able to play faster than I ever thought possible thanks to Unstoppable Guitar System. In fact I am teaching my wife (who has been playing casually for years) new things that I am learning from your site. I am becoming more familiar with the fretboard and with the different scales. I can fluidly and confidently change to 9 different chords without losing rhythm.

I would (and do) suggest this site for anyone who is looking to learn guitar from 
the start or just looking to up their game.

Thank you!
Rik Kraushar



I have picked up a guitar on & off for years with the sincere intention to learn to play.  I bought into many online "Easy Guitar Lessons", tried a local teacher.  Never happened, never progressed and within a few months I would slowly become frustrated, lose interest and my guitar would once agains it idle, back in it's case.  I just figured I had no talent, my fingers were too big, and just was unable to learn this instrument.  

After just a few months with your course I am finally able to play a half dozen open chords and even some barre chords, and they even sound clean and clear.  I am currently working on chord progressions and it is starting to come together.  Your motivation and relentless encouragement has been the main factor in my realizing I can do this, all it takes is practice and patience.
Thanks Eric,
Tom Sundboom

How do I love UGS? 
Let me count the ways……. 
- I love that it starts with the basics, even though I consider myself an intermediate player I still watched all the beginner videos so that I could check my technique and get a proper gauge as to my starting point within the course
- I love that there is a printable index for the course which I use to tick off the things I am capable of and make notes on the areas I should concentrate on and revisit.
- I love that there are helpful print outs along the way to refer back to (I mark my index with “print out” for the lessons I felt I needed the printed notes for to refer to later.
- I love that I can go on the site 24/7 and get my learning fix.
- I love Erich’s enthusiasm and love of guitar, and I love his on screen teaching appeal – it builds my motivation to learn.
- I love that the lessons are detailed yet concise – no excessive repetition – that is what the rewind button is for.
- I love that this course is helping me to become a Guitar Ninja – best expression EVER.
- I love that you can leave messages after the lesson and interact with other would be Ninja’s if you wanted to.
- To summarise – I love, love, love, USG – it is well worth the money, the only downside I find is not having enough hours in the day to utilize it more. :) I consider I am getting great value for money nonetheless!
- The site is very well constructed and very easy to get around in.
- Do yourself a favor – get on board the Guitar Ninja Bus – you won’t regret it!
Love your work Erich, you are my “Guitar Hero” certainly what I aspire to be  - thanks.  

- Lisa

I was only going to try the free trial. But, after I got started with Erich's online classes, and found out just how helpful the lessons were, I ordered the UGS lesson package. - I think it is an absolutely great way to learn guitar. I'm 51 years old and I'm finally really beginning to be able to play the guitar!  I am really starting to learn how to play and read guitar music.
- Michael W.

If someone asked me to describe the Unstoppable guitar system by using one word I would say "are you crazy" It would be un just to use one word, but if i used a few how about unbelievable, awesome, radical, or how about the best damn guitar learning system on the web.

I have be playing guitar for a few months now with no experience at all, by no means am I a pro now but my progress is amazing i have my friends and family telling me all the time "you been playing for how long?" I can play a few songs and jam to tracks.

This system is lead by a great musician and great teacher Erich Andreas. A lot of our great teachers in history use metaphors and little stories to teach us in away we can all understand and Erich is the same way, he breaks it down for you in such a simplistic way anyone can learn.

So if you want to become a rock legend or just have a cool hobby I would hop on this train because it will get you there faster.

Michael Totman

When I first bought an acoustic guitar and decided to learn to play, I discovered Erich's (YourGuitarSage) YouTube videos. Not only were they immensely helpful, but Erich was responsive to comments and questions even on his free videos.  
That is what finally sold me, and so after about two years of learning to play I decided to sign up for the Unstoppable Guitar System and in the first few videos, even after playing for two years, I was learning things that Iwish I had realized when I first started.  

I can't count how many times I'd tell people that had I just taken lessons, I would have learned much faster. Someone would have told me that I was using too thick of a pick, or that I needed to curl my fingers more or how chords are put together or that my strings were set too high.

So now I have those lessons in Erich's Unstoppable Guitar System. It also provides a more structured approach to my learning. I jump around some, but I can always see what I've viewed and so I know what material I've missed. I can go as fast or slow as I want. Sometimes I just play the video's in the background as I work and then follow up and try things when I get home. 

Erich (MY guitar sage) is responsive on his site, answering questions and commenting on discussions and I even had to opportunity to attend one of his webcasts where the participants can ask questions and he will answer and demonstrate live. That accessibilty and responsiveness is what means the most to me. 

If you are looking to learn to play guitar, this is the way to do it. From selecting the guitar to strumming to advanced techniques, is all here. A well thought out system that you can progress at your own pace and get all of the assistance you need from someone that really knows how to teach it.  

- Larry Enger

Thanks to the UGS course I have greatly improved my dexterity and understanding of the guitar. The best part is that Erich is very generous with all the content that he provides and learning from him is just plain fun.
All the best,

I have been playing guitar on and off as a student for 2 to 3 years and my progress has been sporadic over that time. Since joining the Unstoppable Guitar System I have been able to focus my energies on each lesson, ask any questions I need to, and most importantly understand what I'm being taught.

It has given me a much clearer overall picture and a much deeper understanding of guitar playing.

I was spending over $1,100 a year on weekly half hour lessons where many times the teacher and I chatted about other stuff for half the lesson. I believe the UGS is great value for money. I can study when it suits and for as long as it suits. And the monthly webcasts are fun as well as informative. And I'm on the other side of the world!
Thank You Erich and staff for putting the UGS together. Much appreciated.
Thanks heaps. Kind Regards.
Huw Brace

Thank you for taking the time out of YOUR busy day.  I don't take it lightly!  And thank you for the kind words.  Hopefully some guitar player out there who might be ready to put it down, will read your words and reconsider their learning process and NOT quit!  
You rock!  Thank you, my friend! 

Hey Eric,

Just wanted to say thanks for the eBooks.
Have been "not learning to play" since college 15 years ago and never really learning anything of value every time i picked it up.  Have learned "THE MOST POWERFUL SCALE IN THE WORLD EVER" with the blues note and been noodling all week sounding really deep and meaningful.

I also appreciated the notes/video on the need/reassurance re: practice. It helps, thanks. Originally learned (as every guy does) just to impress a certain demographic! Now its nice to actually reward yourself with achievement.
- Jim

Hi Erich,
Well I could write here for hours about all the benefits that UGS gave to me. First of all was a huge support and encouragement to constantly develop all my guitar skills. Second was a great support from all the UGS community- it was really cool that I could meet other guitar freaks - simply guitarenthusiasts.

To make a long story short - time spent in UGS was a great experience that gave me a huge encouragement to learn and practice.
Thank for letting me 
inside UGS!
Greetings from Poland!
- Grzegorz

My name is Jason Marcle.
I have been a UGS student for roughly about a month. I have been playing on and off over the last five years. So far the UGS system has given me quite a bit of information to improve my playing skills, whether it be basic strumming exercises or getting into different scales.
I have found the monthly webcasts for UGS members only to be very helpful. Erich takes his time with each question and answers them in the simplest way possible. I was expecting him to just give brief answers, but he really takes his time to make sure you understand the answer.
The videos in the UGS are easy to understand and follow. Not only does Erich teach in the videos but he also encourages you to keep going. The PDF files that go along with the videos are very helpful as well.
I would say that just in the past month, I have learned more about strumming patterns, 20 Inversions and slash chords. The methods used are simplified to where anybody can understand them. I am impressed with the system very much and I am looking to expand my knowledge and skills with these lessons.

Just keep in mind that even though the lessons are very good you will only get out of it what you are willing to put into it. You have to practice everyday to accomplish your goals.

thanks Erich. 

When I decided to join the Unstoppable Guitar System, I didn't know what to expect.  At first I assumed that the site would be like all of the others promising you fast results at low cost, and then hitting you with disappointment when the delivery wasn't there.  

What's good about Erich's approach in the UGS is that the system is actually set up for you to learn at your own pace; a pace that you can digest.  

It doesn't matter what level of guitar playing you are currently at, the UGS is tailored to meet you head-on and expand you into whatever kind of guitar player you inspire to be. 

- Derek

Beside all the good stuff one expect to find in an efficient "Guitar Method"(learning progression on theory and technics etc...), Erich's  method brings 3 major goodies that have been proven unbelievably useful on my progression: Extremely well done videos giving tips on all tough technical points that a guitar player will have to tame.

Erich makes you understand that the difficulties you may encounter in your learning Voyage have likely been faced by many...So just hang-on and you will make it happened. Last but not Least you keep your motivation and inspiration alive thanks to a dedicated website almost daily updated and a useful forum.
Merci Erich!
- Didier

 I guess I would say something like:  "If you practice you will get better.  UGS teaches you how to practice.  Erich is the best I have come across at teaching what it really takes to become better at the lifelong skill of playing guitar."
- Drew

Hey Erich!  

Hope this helps you out! God bless! The Unstoppable Guitar System is the ULTIMATE way to learn guitar online. Whether you're new to playing or are just looking to build on what you already know, I promise the UGS is for you!
You can learn at your own pace, ask questions, participate in live webcasts, and Erich is always adding even more videos and lessons!  I have seen many other online sites that charge double, triple, even quadrupal what Mr. Andreas charges, and they pale in comparison to what UGS has to offer.  
Aside from packing up and moving to TN, this is the closest thing to having one-on-one lessons from the Master "aka: yourguitarsage" that you can get! 
- Jacob Winter Pennsylvania

Dear Erich,

I was doubtful at first, because I am familiar with most of what is on your web site, but I changed my mind when I went to the Updates and started jamming to the intermediate module.  
I really, really enjoyed it and play it every day.  I need more of that type of instruction.  I actually started with the Core Program and am going to finish your entire program. After I finish everything I will be better able to let you know how I liked it.  Keep it coming. 
- Diane

UGS:   The Unstoppable Guitar system is a very well thought out program which covers everything that a newbie needs to know about learning the guitar. 

Erich is a very approachable instructor and has one thing that he wants to accomplish thru this program and that is to make everyone a better guitar player.   He will emphasize over and over again that this is a marathon (which it is) and frustration will set in  (which it does) but going back and reviewing the many lessons and practicing will finally allow the break thru to the next level.  
He gives us the tools and his time and we as students need to do the rest. 
- Don W.   Rochester, NY

I had been trying to learn guitar for years but guitar lessons were too expensive for me. I had already been subscribed to Erich's youtube channel but when he launched UGS I knew I wanted to try it out.

My skills have improved a hell lot since I started. The way the site is structured and the videos are both really helpful. But I also really liked the forum where I could just go ask a question if needed and have an answer within days if not quicker.

If any of my friends wanted to learn guitar I would totally recommend them to sign up for UGS.

~ Amandine

Hi there!

I would like to say that your class on the unstoppable guitar system are really cool.

Just to tell you I learned stuff that I always wanted to know and I am playing for about 3 years now. The caged system is one of it, with the magic Z , how to find the octave too was very helpful. That is the kind of thing that is useful and not thought alot. I really liked the blues scale too. What is good about the classes is that every person that takes it will find something for him or her. And other fun thing is when we make a comment or ask a question in the class we get an answer by you Erich and it makes it even more personal.

Thank you! Keep going we like you!

Marthe.. sorry if my english is not perfect I am a french Canadian.. :)

I find your teaching style to be the best I've ever come across when it comes to learning the guitar. You have a way of teaching so that even a total beginner can understand the more "advanced" topics. Please keep uploading more guitar videos! My life (as a musician) depends on it!!! You do everything you can do for us a teacher, and your monthly webcasts are awesome and invaluable.
- Gloria

The UGS is a great program. I have learned things watching a 4 min video from you that I've not learned anywhere else. Including, formal sit down lessons. This is by far the best and only program I am using now. I have put away my books and DVDs.

- Scottie StanleyKnoxville, TN

Hey Erich,
"The UGS has helped me grasp previously tough topics which are broken into short bite size videos so I can make sure I learn one part fully before moving onto reinforce my understanding. I tried learning scales and chord construction before and always found myself puzzled, but with the videos and written guides everything is explained in a very easy to understand way and feels like a one to one lesson."
- Andy Georgiou 

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