The 365 Guitar Plan

If you want to develop next-level techniques while removing overwhelm from the process - this is the perfect resource for you.

I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you by creating a “zero thinking” practice masterplan on my four decades of experience…

All you have to do is follow the fun, daily challenges for 10-15 minutes (or for as long as you’d like).

And with these simple exercises, you’ll cut through the noise and only focus on the 7 most important areas of playing…

While having the flexibility to take days off if life gets in the way and then pick back up where you last left off.

The program is set up so that each weekday is dedicated to a specific area of focus…

For example:

  • On Monday we’ll cover alternate picking exercises which will help you increase your playing speed for solos.
  • Each Tuesday you’ll improve your hammer-ons and pull-offs for silky smooth legato playing. Because this allows you to play without picking the string - you’ll be able to play even faster with these important techniques.
  • On Wednesday we’ll go through economy-picking exercises that will help you effortlessly skip through strings and play at lightning-fast speed up and down the neck.
  • Thursdays will be dedicated to finger stretching exercises - so you can play even the most difficult and awkward chords and riffs with ease, even if you have tiny hands.
  • Every Friday we will practice scales, modes, and “sequences” - so you get better at improvising guitar solos whilst also expanding your music theory knowledge. With the sequences, you’ll explore new musical ideas through the scales in a way that effortlessly commits them to memory.
  • Each Saturday will be focused on octaves, double stops, and triad chords. This will expand your knowledge of the fretboard and give you far more options when improvising solos.
  • Finally, every Sunday will be spent exploring fingerpicking patterns - so you can add a new depth and dimension to your playing with interesting fingerstyle techniques.

And here’s what makes the 365 Guitar Plan so incredibly effective:

The program can easily be adjusted to suit your current skill level - so you’ll experience the perfect level of challenge.

Then, each week the exercises will change, so you’ll never get bored with your new practice routine…

And because the exercises are designed to build off of the previous one…

While becoming 5% more challenging each week…

The program will ramp up in a smooth, manageable, and almost unnoticeable way...

So after just a few weeks of stacking up these increases…

You’ll see a surprising boost in skill level in the most important technical areas.

But then at the end of the year…

You’ll notice a mind-blowing difference in your playing that will simply shock both you and your friends and family!

“Today I sat down to play and discovered my hands could stretch to cover 5 frets!! Long time coming. Thanks for all the encouragement.”

- Guy Kraemer


“I’ve learned more in 1 year with the 365 Guitar Plan than I did with several years of private instruction.”

- George Kropog


“Thanks for the great course Erich. The daily exercise was exactly what I needed. Not only did this course allow me to improve my skills, it established a habit of learning.”

- David Blair


“Wow. Can’t believe the progress on this 52-week journey! I even feel empowered to jam with my friends, with a suitcase of knowledge! Thanks again Sage!!”

- Guy Kraemer

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